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Consultancy for new growth

We support decision-makers who are committed to the ongoing transformation of their company.


We combine strategy development with design thinking, coaching and interim management.

Our experience with people, markets, brands and technologies help shape new business models and customer experiences.


Questions our Clients come to us with

Where does growth come from in the marketplace? "  


We examine brands, products and ecosystems for growth potential using qualitative and quantitative methods and define strategies with a deliberate view on the interdependencies in their intersections; this is where find complexity, but also the greatest potential.

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We use the creative tension in the intersections by using tools and processes that bring to life brand experiences that are desirable, innovative business models that are feasible, and tech-driven scalability that makes the business viable. To do this, we enable the right internal and external stakeholders.


Evidenzbasierte Erkenntnisse

Evidence-based Insights

We use a range of qualitative and quantitative methods to collect and evaluate actionable insights for your strategies, and combine them with other useful sources of insight. Our background in user experience design and brand strategy helps us answer the questions that are critical to business development in an evidence-based way to enable targeted growth


Integrated, wholistic and living strategy

We know that the pressure to act is increasing and we are convinced that long-term orientation and managing in short increments actually complement each other. We strategize for the future but validate in the now. Our strategies align people and markets, value propositions and brand purpose, experiences and product portfolios, and use tech-driven scale effects infrastructure in which companies operate. This allows you to comprehensively assess and target your path for growth at the right times.

Agile Produkt- und Markenentwicklung

Agile product and brand development

New products and business models require constant alignment and reappraisal with strategic considerations, whether you are a multinational, a hidden champions or a small start-up challenger. We regard the iterative design prototypes, minimal viable products and minimal viable brands as the most effective source of insights about actual growth potential and proof-of-concept for your strategic initiatives on the one hand; on the other hand, we have seen this approach serve as a tool for introducing and consolidating agile methods and mindsets in your teams.


Go-to-market & Scaling

Even the most promising proofs-of-concept are of no use if go-to-market is ill-prepared and hampered by missed factors. That's why we focus on externally accelerating or slowing factors in the market, such as technological and media economies of scale, user behavior or customer sentiment - but also on how internal stakeholder interests, entrenchment and change forces, as well as and (infra-)structures in corporate management are aligned and addressed, if necessary.

Coaching & Interimsmanagement

Coaching & Interim Management

We complement management teams as coaches and, if required, take on roles in the company in order to accompany growth strategies close to the business in their implementation and to enable them to follow a successful, goal-oriented path. This includes personal factors as well as the focus on the right key performance indicators and the creation of a high-performance work culture that serves people.




Alexander Wipf

  • Managing Director & Co-founder Clear Deutschland

  • Managing Director Isobar Germany and Board Member Dentsu Aegis Network Germany 

  • Head of Strategy and Innovation, Leo Burnett Germany and Chairman Global Strategy Board, Leo Burnett Worldwide

  • Strategy Director KKLD* (now part of WPP)

  • Head of Strategy and Business Development  Neue Digitale/Razorfish 

  • Director User Experience and Development, AtmosphereBBDO, NY

  • Head of Product & Co-Founder, Etrueke, NY

  • Information Architect, Frankfurt Balkind, NY

LinkedIn profile

 Christoph Riebling 

  • Managing Director & Co-founder Clear Deutschland

  • Managing Director Isobar Germany/Dentsu Aegis Network

  • Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett

  • Head Of Concept KKLD* (now part of WPP)

  • UX designer Peter Schmitt Group

  • UX Planner Ogilvy Germany

  • UX Planner Neue Digitale/Razorfish (Publicis)

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Über uns




 Even the most efficient implementation is useless if you don't know why and what you are using your energy and passion for. Especially in times of uncertainty and constantly changing requirements, an authentic convinction gives us a purpose in the interest of the customer and the clarity to be able to focus on trend-setting solutions. This gives us a chance to leave tactics behind and change markets.



Strategy is no longer the art of planning in advance so that everything is perfect and then conserving it. Rather, strategy is the ability to make decisions in such a way that one learns to become better, more responsive, and more adaptable each time.  In doing so, we are accustomed to often having to allow for complex starting points, to sort out confusion, and to represent insights and viewpoints that generate resistance from existing structures. 



The path to success is rarely a straight line, but rather one that involves several detours. No matter how unpopular or complex the path to a solution may seem at first: we are committed to remaining open, persistent and inventive in order to be able to take steps towards a solution together. For us, being able to walk this path together is the definition of true partnership.



When it comes to important decisions, there are often many egos and territories at play. We're serious, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. For us, it's all about the team and having fun working together. We don't work for pain and suffering money.


In a total of 35 years of activity in integrated brand management, product and marketing innovation and experience design, we have with our supported, whether for new founders, corporate ventures or established players with ambitions for innovation.


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